There has been some conversations of late about whether or not a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy will arrive next year. We have been seeing new editions every other year for quite awhile, I personally have not received much on whether or not 8th edition is meant to last any longer than we have seen previous editions last. (unlike 40k).

So will we see a new edition next year? Check out the rumor below.

Please remember that this is a rumor, and one that is a long way out at that. However it does come from Harry (great wealth of information, and good character)

via Harry on Warseer
I have also said that the new edition is in 2014....

Harry has also said that the models are not yet into production for a new starter set. Harry was answering this post from Darnok.

By now even the next 40K starter armies will be beyond the planning stage, and a good bit into production. For the next WHF starter the sculpting should be done by now.

Not yet. 


  1. Feels a little soon for a new ed of Fantasy. Or maybe I'm getting old.

    How many editions out of date would the Brets be then?

  2. In 2014?Not very possible today,I think. But... in my opinion something is accelerating in GW. I feel in my bones. It's not a nonsense think about a new edition soon

    1. Wait...8th was released in 2010,isn`t it? can be...

    2. That would be 4 years, so I gues it's not out of the ball park. I would prefer a 5 year period between releases, but 4 is acceptable.

  3. If that happens I want my darn 80 bucks back for that big book i bought!

    1. Why? You played the piss out of it for several years by that point. It's not completely out of the question for them to want a similar release model to 40k 6th by giving Fantasy a fresh start.

      That said, GW have barely scratched what needs/needed to be done with WHFB 8th. I can't see them just abandoning it already.

  4. I miss the old days of 3rd Ed 40k and 6th Ed Fantasy when all Armies got updated book for a given edition...

  5. Here's my rumor post for the day.

    9th Edition Fantasy - 2014
    7th Edition 40k - 2016
    10th Edition Fantasy - 2018
    8th Edition 40k - 2020

    1. 40k's current edition is supposed to have a prolonged lifespan. I would assume the same for a new 9th edition, or even that 8th is meant to last longer.

    2. WFB 8th was a pretty well thought-out update with solid rules. 40K 6th borrowed a lot of the good ideas from it, actually. I could see both editions being meant to last a bit longer while they continue to roll out hardback army books.

      My 2 cents. No facts to back it up.

  6. I concur, its only been what 2 and a half years? Theres no way we would be expecting 9th Ed already. Besides, all these hardback releases would suggest to me thatboth game systems as they are would have somewhat more lengevity than they have done.

    1. 7th was released in 2006, 8th in 2010, so 2014 for 9th is not out of the question.

      Quick google search will confirm my timeline.

  7. I hope not as I only have just started learning 8th edition! I too think that hardback codexes suggest a longer lifespan for the current editions of both 40K and fantasy.

  8. I just got 8th..ughhh I'm too old and slow and poor to keep up with GW.

  9. People, people... calm, wait and see...

    This is only just a rumour...

    Games Workshop is still far from dead

  10. If you look at the past several years there is a really clear and obvious trend with releases which gives this rumor huge credibility. Just look:

    40k 4th Edition Box Game - September 2004
    Can't remember what came out - September 2005
    WHFB 7th Editon Box Game - September 2006
    Can't remember what came out - September 2007
    40k 5th Edition Box Game - September 2008
    Space Hulk - September 2009
    WHFB 8th Edition Box Game - September 2010
    Dreadfleet - October 2011
    40k 6th Edition box Game - September 2012

    As you can see it goes, box game one year, other release next year, followed by box game the next year and repeats. This has been the release schedule for almost the past 10 years and as you can see recently it looks like it goes box game, mystery odd box game, box game. So to say that 9th edition fantasy is due out September 2014 makes 100% sense.

    With this in mind, one can predict that September/October 2013 will see some sort of strange big release, possibly the much talked about Blood Bowl rerelease (apparently teams and a plastic pitch have been seen by one of the managers in the UK who is close friends with several of the design team). Then September/October 2014 will be WHFB 9th Ed and 40k 7th edition box set will be out September/October 2016 with something cool and unusual out in the September/October 2015 slot.

    Remember that it's important for GW to have relatively comparable releases for the same months so as to not put sales chains against unreachable like for like targets. Otherwise their mid-year reports can look a lot worse than they actually are. You can again see this by looking at the October/November release slot which has had CSM for 2012, Necrons for 2011 and Dark Eldar for 2010, Space Wolves for 2009 etc, which shows heavily that they that slot for big popular 40k army releases that haven’t seen a codex for at least 1 full edition (which means that the 2013 slot could be BT/Eldar/Tau as they are the last 4th Ed codexs).

    1. Wow. Pretty good analysis. You're either an economist/MBA type or a gamer with WAY too much free time. ;). Thanks for the breakdown, though.

    2. I'd love to agree it is a pretty good analysis, but he isn't. Reason? Although its not a huge game, he's forgotten to include all the awesome work and time that went into Lord of the rings and The Hobbit. Although people might not admit its a major game, it still takes time to draw/design/sculpt/cast these games and to NOT include them in any analysis is seriously silly.

    3. Thanks Harry, I'm a little of both, plus I only relatively recently left working for GW UK, so I still have a fairly good understanding about how things work at the moment.

      Len, I appreciate the slightly aggressive overtone, I'm glad that my offering of an opinion and then backing it up with release date evidence has upset you so much. But in answer to your question of the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings.

      Firstly, GW hasn't been consistent with its release schedule for LOTR for some time. Back when the battle-host expansion was released for WOTR, the release tanked across the board and led to the decision to stop doing LOTR releases by themselves and to piggy packing them onto other releases. This was then abruptly changed when they released all the new source books and a load of new models back in February. So as you can see, unlike 40k & WHFB they're still not 100% sure on the best method of releasing these models.

      Also the hobbit/ LOTR core game boxes clearly can't follow a standard release schedule as they are fairly inherently linked with Movie releases.

      Finally, the analysis I put up on 40k and WHFB releases doesn't affect LOTR or the Hobbit in the slightest. I'm still fairly confused as to your point. I'm reading it atm as, yes for the past 10ish years they've released 40k and fantasy editions in this timeline, but what about LOTR they have to work on that and sorry still confused.

      This is a release schedule, not a development schedule, the design team work on many different things and not necessarily in a completely linear fashion. The way in which the Sales arm of GW releases their work, is on a fairly regular schedule on most things (for WHFB & 40k).

      Also, seriously, how can anyone not look at the release schedule I put up and go, no it’s just a really long set of coincidences.

    4. OMG: Well that would explain it. I left my job with GW US nearly ten years ago in order to play in the forest and take a couple all-expense-paid trips to the Mideast. Back then their release schedule was much less predictable, and we'd been playing 40K 3rd and WFB 5th for a long time...

      While I like the predictability of the last decade, I don't play often enough for me to feel like I'm getting my money's worth out of these new hardbacks.

  11. What GW really could release, and at the same time turn all-plastic, while revamping the Imperial Guard infantry line, is Necromunda. Think about it. No, the current IG plastics are not bad, but they are starting to show their age, what with the Catachans being among the first "modern" multi-part plastics, and will have to be replaced eventually anyway.

    All of the following kits are assumed to have a variety of heads to allow the options, maybe alternate torsos too, as well as a more diverse selection of weaponry (more pistols and melee weapons in general, auto&stub guns&pistols to complement lasers). Box size would not need to grow, because the new sprues (post-2009-ish) have twice the part density of the old. They would completely replace all the current IG plastics and metals and Necromunda metals (along with a few other kits too, while allowing completely new options).

    First two kits to coincide with the boxed game:
    Kit #1: Hive Gangers/Death World Veterans. Will build readily into Catachans, Orlocks, or Goliaths.
    Kit #2: Greatcoats. Will build readily into Valhallans, Krieg, Commissars, or Delaque.

    Following kits to coincide with Codex SoB:
    Kit #3: Cultists. Will build into Frateris Militia, Cawdor, or Redemptionists, with resin upgrade packs into Scavvies, Ratskins, Chaos cultists, Genestealer Cult (hmm, thinking of The List), or even Mordheim Witch Hunters.
    Kit #4: Sister of Battle Novices. Could also be used to add female variety to Guard armies and will build to Escher just as easily (with less 80's hairstyle) and perhaps even Mordheim Sisters of Sigmar or Amazons.

    Some generic Guard/Gang stuff...
    Kit #5: Grenadiers. Mostly the current Cadian line, with alternate heads for making Steel Legion (the cloth uniform itself is close enough, the half-torso armour and pauldrons being the biggest difference, hmmm, can these be actually made separate from the uniform with modern moulding technology?).
    Kit #6: Dress Uniform. Will build into Mordians or Praetorians (if that Cossack mail armour is included, Vostroyans too), Rogue Traders, Imperial Navy officers, Spyre nobles, and whatnot.
    Kit #7: Stormtroopers/Iron Cloak Veterans (from the Big List). Will also build into Arbites, Drop Troopers, Navy boarding parties, or Commissar Training Squads.

    Maybe have a Codex Mechanicus for these two?
    Kit #8: High-Tech. Will build into a futuristic IG, Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Legions, Van Saar, or Spyrers (with suitable resin upgrade pack).
    Kit #9: Servitors/Caedes Engines (from The List as well). Will also build into Pit Slaves.

    So that would be 9 plastic kits (plus a couple of resin upgrade packs) replacing fortysomething mostly metal kits. Isn't this is the way GW intends to go anyway in the long run?

    Just my ,02€ if any GW lurkers are reading this blog...

  12. I'm not surprised they'd push a new edition so quickly. 8th ed pretty much killed the Fantasy fanbase. They need to get them back

    1. The truth is the total opoeite. 8th has made fantasy the most popular it has ever been

    2. Heh.... not everywhere, I can attest to that, though I think it's as much to do with 8th edition as it is to do with Kings of War.

    3. Jossy, not a dig but 8th killed our gaming in Perth. Literally 75% of players left and went to warmachine. tourneys that reliably got 30 attendees now struggle for 12.

      terrain must count for something besides a -1 to ht in shooting. no one uses magical terrain in tourneys.

      As a 10+ year player WHFB is now just throwing dice and seeing who wins. steadfast and bsb and ld9 or 10 = pointless to flank.

      the complaints I hear is...
      1. random charge
      2. random spell/dispel dice and then random casting then random effects
      3. random shooting
      4. random combat
      5. random ld tests.

      I still play but it is more a friendly kids game with the meta having more impact than the game itself than a tactical challenge.

  13. I agree that the hardbacks would point towards longer cycle, but maybe 9th for Fantasy will come and not be too much of a major overhaul, just enough for them to draw in some more attention seen as the response to 8th appears to be mostly negative and a lot of players left it, where as in general 40k 6th seems to be positive - a positively recieved 9th fantasy with inclusive rules for allies and balancing between rank and file and heroes could be perfect for a longer cycle.

  14. I like 8th edition, my only complaint being that I can't run mono Tzeentch daemon army due to power dice being limited to 2d6. Other then that, I love 8th and will miss it if it goes.

    That being said,I wonder what would change in 9th ed?


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