Ever had the urge to get your thoughts and ideas out about our hobby and game and not wanted to go through the hassle of starting of a blog? Do you have a blog and want to occasionally submit articles to Faeit 212 to promote your own blog?

I am going to be trying something new. I have tried a bit of adding authors to the site, which did not work extremely well. So its time to adjust, and here is the idea.

Every week, I will be open to anyone that wants to submit an article for the site. Each Friday, I will choose one of these articles to publish on the site. Submitting will be extremely easy and technically can be done from anywhere, as all that will be required is that you submit the piece via email. if you have pics, I of course will need those as well.

This is a chance for anyone to participate in the blogging community without having to start their own blog, so it can be done easily and as frequently as you like. Topics? You can submit whatever you are interested in submitting that has to do with our hobby. The idea here is to expand our community out past just those who have blogs or comment in forums. Have something to say? Now you can.

The fun part will be that if we get a lot of these, we can always expand on how many articles are released on a weekly basis. If your article did not get posted one week, it could very well make the following week, as I will keep an archive in my email with these postings. I cannot guarantee that every article will get posted, so please make them ready for posting.

Requirements and suggestions:
These may be altered as is needed.
*Send your post to natfka@live.com
*make sure to include the name you wish to be known as, as well as any links to your own blog or site etc that you want published.
*Your personal hobby projects are OK to submit.
*Each article should start with a small introduction paragraph to what the post is about and should include the name you want to use.
*Each article should end with a small bit about who you are. This can be as simple and non-descript as you want. If there are issues with this (like you work for GW for example), we can post up something very non-identifying.
*Each articles Title will look something like this  "This is Our Hobby: your topic here"
*only warhammer 40k or hobby related articles please. If you have a suggestion that goes beyond this scope, please send a quick email with the suggestion
*Please include any pics you want associated with it, if there are any problems etc, shoot me an email and we can work out the details.


  1. Marvellous idea, but... the articles must be in english or can we use another languaje?


    1. Same question from the same country than Cylde...

      Nice idea, Natfka!

    2. I'd offer to help translate if people wanted to submit articles in other languages

  2. Replies
    1. hobby related, I would consider tabletop games related. Fantasy would be OK. This is an experiment. If it works out well, it can expand outwards.

    2. Ok, cause I have a fantasy related article that I want to make that sounds good.

  3. Sounds great! I will definitely send you some stuff.

  4. Hmm, intrigued, I'll definitely send something your way!

    Quick question: Will you 'bank' posts? For example, I send in an article, but you decide to publish something else. If the article meets your standards will you 'bank' it for another day or will we have to resubmit?

  5. What those above said. Including the questions.

    Think it's a good idea for those who don't want to blog.

  6. "*Each article should start with a small introduction paragraph to what the post is about and should include the name you want to use."

    Is this our personal name, or the name of the post?

    1. The name you want to be known as. It can be your real name, or an online name.

  7. So, how broad does related to the hobby go?

    I assume tactics, batreps and painting guides are in. What if someone wanted to post about the state of the hobby? Perhaps an opinion piece about Codexes and the amount of time that goes past between updates? Would topics like that be considered?

  8. I'd be more than happy to write tactica articles, as well as painting guides. I do have some black legion to be painted up.

  9. sounds like a cracking idea, and a little more traffic my way is great. best start thinking.


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